Homework – due 5/15

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Happy Wednesday! Next week is our last class, so this is your last Physics homework assignment of the year! Woo-hoo!! 😀

First, we’re going for round two of “What Was Supposed to Happen.” 😉 So watch these few videos to see how our experiments were supposed to work. (And I believe our problem was that our magnets just were not big enough.)

Now that you get the gist of that, your main assignment this week is to do some digging on the internet (or YouTube) to find a physics-based toy that appeals to you, then build one and bring it to class with you. Weather permitting, we’ll spend some time outdoors playing with our toys…I mean, conducting experiments utilizing student-created machines. 😉 Just to give you an idea what I mean, here are a few videos that I enjoyed, but you are free to choose any homemade toy you like, as long as it illustrates a physics concept that we have learned about this year. This project counts for 200 points toward your final grade, so don’t skip it! (And if your project is pretty involved, I’ll give you bonus points, as well.)

Since our class period next week is only thirty minutes long, we will be having an end-of-year celebration and just enjoy our last bit of time together. I’ll bring some treats, and we’ll spend the class playing with the physics toys you bring.

That’s all, folks! Now get building. 🙂

Miss Amy


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