Homework – due 5/1

Oh my goodness! I just typed “due 5/1” and realized it’s almost May! Our time together is coming to an end very quickly. 😦

Timmy and Nick, you both get a gold star for actually doing the homework that was posted last week. The rest of you can add that assignment to your list for this week.

Without further ado, this is the homework due next Tuesday:

  • Review pages 80-82 in your guidebook and answer any two of the questions below in 1-2 paragraphs each. The Worldview page on the Answers in Genesis website may be of help to you in thinking some of the more philosophical questions through. Feel free to dig around on the site and read a few articles to shape your thoughts. There’s a search box, so you can type in some of the keywords in these questions to find related articles.
    1. Describe the results of the double slit experiment and some of the interpretations. Here are a couple of videos that explain the double slit experiment in an interesting way:
    2. Explore what it means for truth itself to be reconsidered and for the universe to be based on uncertainty, randomness, or probability. Items to consider: how did Einstein, Bohr, and Schrodinger respond to the Copenhagen interpretation? Include quotes, and consider if a lack of truth has implications for other areas of science, philosophy, or society.
    3. The video told us that Einstein titled his March/Spring paper a “Heuristic Viewpoint” (you may want to go to Wikipedia’s Annus Mirabilis papers article for a short review). This was a word Miss Katie had not heard before. Look up “heuristic” and give a working definition for it. Explain why Einstein would apply this term to his paper. What other areas of science might be called intrinsically heuristic?
    4. Contrast the classical and modern/post-modern worldviews, as loosely defined on p. 82 (feel free to use additional sources to beef this up!).  Explore how these worldviews might affect a scientist’s interpretations of scientific studies and how each worldview might influence science, philosophy, or society. (The Answers in Genesis site may be especially helpful with this question.)
    5. Consider the 3 Foundational Ideas on page 82 and persuasively describe how they should shape a classical and biblical worldview. Argue how they should be applied to science, philosophy, and society. You may want to include ways past scientists applied them (Newton, Blaise Pascal, Faraday, Boyle, Galileo, even Einstein — it would be easy to include a relevant quote or two to make your point!).
  • And again, if you did not submit your three experiment suggestions last week, then please go back and read my last post and submit those to me before next Tuesday.

Next week, we will be doing labs on magnetism. For some reason, I find magnets fascinating, so this should be fun. 🙂

Have a great week, everybody!

Mrs. L





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