Homework – due 3/13

Good morning, class. 🙂

Well, yesterday’s snow storm turned out to be a dud, huh? Instead of being blissfully snowed in (and free to search the internet endlessly for physics resources for my lovely students 😀 ), I ended up running all over town for this and that. *sigh* So…no videos this week, but you do have some written work.

  • Do the Segment 15 quiz
  • Finish the voltaic pile lab worksheet (the one with the table on it)
  • Write a three-paragraph report (at least 300 words) explaining Newton’s Laws of Motion.

One note before I go…the Grasp committee decided to cancel co-op on April 17th because there will be so many people absent due to BizTown. I will go over our remaining work and see if we can squeeze everything into our remaining class periods. If not, then I will plan a lab day outside of class. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you all Tuesday. 🙂

Mrs. L


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