Homework – due 5/15

Happy Wednesday! Next week is our last class, so this is your last Physics homework assignment of the year! Woo-hoo!! 😀 First, we're going for round two of "What Was Supposed to Happen." 😉 So watch these few videos to see how our experiments were supposed to work. (And I believe our problem was that our magnets just were... Continue Reading →


Homework – due 5/8

Good afternoon, everyone! We're SO close to the end of this year - only one full class period left! Half of me wants to cry and the other half...well, honestly, the other half is really, really looking forward to summer. 😀 Homework this week is super light because my work load at home is super... Continue Reading →

Homework – due 5/1

Oh my goodness! I just typed "due 5/1" and realized it's almost May! Our time together is coming to an end very quickly. 😦 Timmy and Nick, you both get a gold star for actually doing the homework that was posted last week. The rest of you can add that assignment to your list for this... Continue Reading →

Homework – due 4/24

Good afternoon, everyone! Yes, yes, I know it's Thursday... I'm so sorry this is later than expected. It's just been that kind of week for me. Miss Katie helped me out by writing a wonderful assignment for you all (one that will get your brain juices flowing!) but I didn't get it posted in time... Continue Reading →

Homework – due 4/24 – PART 1

Good afternoon, everyone. 🙂 I'm giving you your homework for the break in two parts, so hopefully you'll spread your work out over the two weeks (rather than cramming it all into the last day before co-op!). This week, I'd like you to: Read the information at PBS: Quantum Mechanics and write a 300-word report... Continue Reading →

Homework – due 4/10

Ack!! I can't believe I forgot to post homework until Saturday. You lucky dogs, I guess that lets you guys off the hook for the week. 🙂 So...there's no homework this week. On Tuesday, we will be watching the DVD's. There is no co-op on April 17th, so our lab day will be on the 24th.... Continue Reading →

Homework – due 4/3

Good morning, dashing knights and lovely lady. 🙂 Below is your homework for the week. And, once again, don't freak out! It looks like a huge list, I know, but it's just a little of this and a little of that. And I have complete faith in you. 🙂 Watch Crash Course Physics: Special Relativity... Continue Reading →

Homework – due 3/27

Good afternoon, everyone! Sounds like you all had some excitement this morning at co-op with the snow starting sooner than expected! I hope all of you made it home safely. 🙂 Since we didn't have class (or homework) last week, I'm giving you a l-i-t-t-l-e more work than usual this week. No worries...I have complete... Continue Reading →

Homework – due 3/13

Good morning, class. 🙂 Well, yesterday's snow storm turned out to be a dud, huh? Instead of being blissfully snowed in (and free to search the internet endlessly for physics resources for my lovely students 😀 ), I ended up running all over town for this and that. *sigh* So...no videos this week, but you... Continue Reading →

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